Jul 24

Benefits Of Pure Raspberry Ketone

Fresh raspberry ketone is not just some other bottle on the shelves in the stores. It is a miracle molecule which has been proven to work on several health conditions. Many people have tried it and they have come out with a conclusion that this is a natural supplement with awesome benefits to the health. Ketone can and has many times been used as a flavour to several foods for example ice cream. The beautiful aroma that comes from raspberries comes from the ketones. Therefore pure raspberry ketone has a huge benefit to the human body and we take a look at a few of those.

The biggest benefit that comes with pure raspberry ketone is aiding weight loss. Ketone extracted from raspberry gives the body the ability to produce a certain kind of protein that is used by the body as a breakable compound. Raspberry ketone, also boosts the level of metabolism in the body, thus making it breakdown food and use it to the maximum. When the body is not able to burn all the food you take, then you will definitely end up gaining weight. Taking just a portion of this dietary supplement will give your metabolism the boost it needs to get lean in record time.

Raspberry ketone diet also helps in speeding up the breakdown of fat in the body. All the food we eat almost always has an element of fats or the body makes the same from the sugar and/ or the starch. Once that happens, the fat is thus sent by the liver to the blood stream and carried to the other parts of the body for storage. What raspberry ketone extract does is that, it moves all the fat stored in the body back to the liver to be broken down and gotten rid of. When this happens, the ketone does speed up the break-down of such and at the end of the day leads to weight loss.

Raspberry ketone is known to reduce fatty tissues in the liver. The most dangerous situation is to have fat accumulated around the liver because it will fail. When you take ketone extracts, the fat around the liver will be broken down by the ketone acting as a catalyst to the same. This process will rid the body not just from the fat, but also from conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes which are caused by such. Heart conditions will be gotten rid of as well and all known lifestyle diseases that are known to be caused by accumulated cholesterol in the body.

When all has been said and done, you may be wondering what are the side effects of raspberry ketone? So far, no known side effects have been recorded, even by people who have taken this product for years. Again, no-body has so far come out to study the side effects of this product. Therefore as far as we know for now, raspberry ketone is natural and completely safe for human consumption.

Jun 28

Pure garcinia cambogia extract has generated a lot of buzz, due to its’ effect on weight loss. Derived from garcinia cambogia fruits, this plant also goes by the name of gambooge or brindle berry. It is comprised of the compound HCA (hydroxycitric acid).

HCA has been widely researched and clinically proven to facilitate weight reduction. The compound allows the body to process surplus fat, via numerous processes. These include lowering hunger cravings, preventing the production of fat, and elevating mood. Here are some of the ways that pure garcinia cambogia helps with weight loss:

Improved Mental Well Being

HCA facilitates good mental health in two ways. Firstly, it helps to stimulate serotonin production. This mood elevating neurotransmitter reduces anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders. This works wonders for comfort food dieters, who turn to food whenever they feel down. Once their emotional well being improves, these dieters are less inclined to pig out on junk food.

Another way that HCA enhances mental health is by reducing the quantity of cortisol in the body. This notorious “stress hormone” can accumulate over time and result in a range of damaging side effects, such as weight gain. Increased cortisol levels lead to the accumulation of visceral fat deposits, in the abdominal region.

Also, surplus amounts of cortisol hinder the relationship between blood glucose and insulin. This reduces energy levels and causes the brain to transmit hunger signals to increase energy. By lowering the concentration of cortisol, you will have fewer food cravings and start to slim down.

Fat Blocking

HCA can block fat by obstructing an important enzyme that the body requires to produce fat from carbs: Citrate lyase. Normally, sugars or carbs which are not instantly used or stored in another form are turned into fat. Once HCA obstructs citrate lyase, fat production ceases and triglycerides and LDL (bad cholesterol) production reduces.

Suppressing Appetite

Although HCA reduces hunger cravings by lowering levels of cortisol, it can suppress appetite thanks to higher glycogen levels. Higher levels of glycogen trigger liver receptors, sending signals to your brain that you have had enough to eat. This reduces the quantity of calories required to feel full, resulting in healthy weight reduction.

When used for twelve weeks or less, pure garcinia cambogia is safe for most dieters. Safety over the long term is unclear and one should research Cambogia extract pros and cons. The compound can cause headaches, nausea and digestive tract problems. Little evidence exists about the effects of the compound during breast feeding and pregnancy. Therefore, expectant mothers should avoid consuming it.

Lastly, to be effective, garcinia cambogia miracle for weight loss has to be taken in the right way. It ought to be consumed thirty to sixty minutes prior to meals, with a drink of water and on an empty stomach. This allow HCA to be properly absorbed prior to eating, which ensures optimum fat loss benefits. Taking a Garcinia HCA supplement will not help you to lose those excess pounds on its’ own. However, combined with regular exercise and a sensible diet, the evidence appears encouraging.

Jun 26

Cholesterol is a huge influence on how our body runs, and the levels of our cholesterol must be kept healthy if we wish to live a longer, happier life. According to Dr. Oz on his smash television show, African mango weight loss supplements are the way to go if you want to keep your metabolism at a quick pace. This will help you lose those few pounds that you have been dreading, so your waistline can shrink to the size that you desire. This supplement has been talked about worldwide, not only because of how it really works, but because of how natural it is.

The supplements that are made from African mango extracts, or Irvingia Gabonensis, are officially the new breakthrough for weight loss for women that are over 40-years-old. The supplements help to trap the fat in your body, so it can later be eliminated. The African mango extract is packed with vitamin B, which is used to increase the rate of the body’s metabolism to burn calories quicker. People who are approaching middle age have concerns by the barrel, but most of those concerns surround triglycerides and cholesterol. Clinical studies have indicated that the people who are taking these supplements twice a day, are losing up to 10 pounds by about 30 days after the first one. These supplements contain 150 milligrams of pure African mango extract.

These subjects that participated in the study did not make any adjustments to their exercise routines or their diets, which is clinical evidence that proves folks over 40-years-old will benefit greatly to the African mango supplements for weight loss. When it comes to cholesterol in the mix, this supplement is also very beneficial when it comes to reducing the bad cholesterol, and will also help to clean up the blood stream. So overall, anyone who is remotely health conscious will benefit from these supplements, because of the multitude of benefits that they bring to the table.

This is especially true for someone who has cholesterol problems, since the supplements will help to reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol that is taking control of your body. With the supplements, the HDL cholesterol levels in your body will be increased. Having high cholesterol levels will ruin your cardiovascular system, and will also put you at the top of the list for having a stroke or a heart attack. However, with these supplements, you will be able to lower these levels and improve your overall health safely, and effectively.

Another clinical study had subjects take the supplements, but were also put on a diet with reduced calories. These subjects lost four times the amount of weight that was initially expected, and also proved the point that the African mango extract supplements really do work. These supplements do not have a stimulating effect, reduces your appetite and activates the body’s natural ability to burn fat using Leptin, a hormone. The supplements slow this hormone, which allows C-reactive to be absorbed actively into the body and Leptin to flow more freely into the body’s blood stream.

Jun 4

Agave Syrup

Many agave syrup consumers enjoy using the syrup, comfortable with the knowledge that it has a significantly lower glycemic index than table sugar. Because these consumers are so focused on the fact that it is an improvement over sugar they often overlook the fact that is extremely high in fructose.

By weight, the fructose content of agave syrup measures somewhere between 59 and 90 percent. High fructose corn syrup, which is more commonly known to be a concern for its high content, has an average of 55 percent. Consumers need to be aware of these numbers and watch how much agave syrup they use.

The high fructose levels in agave syrup can lead to the body becoming resistant to insulin. Insulin resistance is when cells fail to respond the way they should to the normal actions of insulin. The body continues to produces insulin, but because the body’s cells are resistant to insulin they are not able to use it effectively. This causes the pancreatic cells to increase insulin production. If this goes on undetected it could lead to Type 2 Diabetes.

High fructose levels have the potential to drive up uric acid levels. There is a strong known connection between fructose and uric acid. The connection is so clear, that uric acid levels can be used as a test to indicate whether the body is suffering toxicity from fructose.

Yacon Syrup

Used as sweetener, yacon syrup is extracted from the roots of the yacon plant. An evaporator, similar to the ones used to make maple syrup is used to make yacon syrup. This syrup is made up of fifty percent fructooligosaccharides.

Fructooligosaccharides are oligosaccharides, or carbohydrates with a low number of simple sugars, that occur naturally in many plants. When Yacon syrup extract, which contains oligosaccharides is consumed, the part that goes undigested serves as food for microflora found in the intestines. The syrup benefits us by acting as a prebiotic.

Microbiotas, or “friendly”, bacteria produce essential nutrients such as short-chain fatty acids. When this dietary fiber ferments in the colon it maintains the proper growth of the cells that line the intestines and prevents the growth of infectious organisms. It increases immunity, reduces inflammation, and helps to prevent diarrhea.

Another health benefit that the Fructooligosaccharides in yacon syrup offers, is that it does not increase blood glucose, which means less glucose is able to reach fat cells to be stored there. Because the body then begins to use the stored fat as fuel, the result is a healthy, steady loss of weight..

Since the fructooligosaccharides in the syrup is nearly fifty percent as sweet as processed white sugar, it can be used to add flavor and replace part of the sugar added to food products.

Those who have tired yacon syrup enjoy its sweet flavor and find it tastes much like raisins, prunes, or molasses. It can be used in coffee and tea, added to hot cereal, or poured over pancakes.

Apr 19

Green coffee extract are beans that are not roasted. Roasting coffee beans changes their color and removes a compound known as chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is compound found in green coffee beans that is responsible for triggering weight loss. The acid disrupts an enzyme known as glucose-6-phosphatase that controls the usage of glucose in the body. This acid has health benefits such as weight loss, containing heart diseases and diabetes among others. It also has some effect on blood vessels that helps in reducing blood pressure.

How they work
Green coffee beans contain some extracts that assist in shedding off excess weight. The extracts work through;

Blocking fat: the extracts work to block fats that cannot be used as energy in the body from being stored. Thus, reduces fat accumulation in the body.
Absorbs carbohydrates: it assists in absorbing carbohydrates that are later used to assist the body in using up the excess fat more efficiently.
Regulates blood sugar after meals: regulation of blood sugar is a factor that is helpful to people who suffer from diabetes. It regulates blood sugar to assist people avoid the different extremes that they experience after having meals. They include an urge to consume more sugar to ensure that their perceived energy levels remain the same.

The main idea is to consume pure green coffee bean extract before meals to assist in the regulation and control of body functions and continue with a diet that you are more comfortable with. It is especially helpful to people who prefer to lose weight without increasing their activity levels or those who cannot exercise due to health issues.

Factors to consider when buying green coffee beans supplements
Green coffee beans supplements are safe for consumption by most people. However, there are some factors that should be considered when purchasing them to ensure that you are purchasing the right thing.

Sugar levels: people who suffer from diabetes should consult their doctors before consuming these supplements because they can affect their medication significantly. It can affect how the body processes sugars.

Blood pressure: green coffee supplements can boost blood pressure levels to risky levels. Therefore, everyone who suffers from blood pressure or any heart disease should consult with their doctor before using the supplements.

Anxiety problems: they are believed to aggravate symptoms associated with anxiety problems. Therefore, people who suffer anxiety problems should seek medical advice before using the supplements.

Most people who use green coffee beans recommend it because it is easy to use and maintain regimen.  You are only required to take the supplements three times a day before taking your meals. This means that you do not have to follow a complicated schedule. It triggers weight loss and you are capable of losing at least 2 pounds each weeks meaning that you can lose 24 pounds in 12 weeks without straining. However, some people have reported experiencing some jitteriness during their first few days but they stabilize after a while. At the end, people report having more energy, feeling better and more confident with their bodies.

Apr 9

The acai berry diet plan is mainly known to many as a natural detoxification and weight loss element. Though there are different acai berry benefits, most diets use dietary supplements that contain acai among other herbs, natural substances, vitamins and herbs. Acai berry plan is believed to reduce appetite, boost metabolism and clean the body system.

What it contains
This diet plan advocates for the use of acai among other natural components that assist in weight loss. It contains, chromium, yerba mate and hoodia that boost weight loss. Other components are; cocoa, B vitamins, magnesium, green tea, dandelion, omega 3 fatty acids, cascara sacrada, bladder-wrack and spirulina. The beery fruits itself contains; minerals, phytonutrients, Vitamins, E, D, C, A, B1, B2, B3, omega 3, 6 and 9, amino acids, complex carbohydrates, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, fatty acids, fiber,  iron and asai. Acai contains the highest number of nutrient values in the world. It contains protein that is equivalent to a cow’s milk and plant sterols that lower blood cholesterol.

Health benefits

Anti-aging effect: contains antioxidants that are known for neutralizing free radicals and preventing early aging.
Strengthening the immune system and detox cleansing:  acai berry plan reduces the levels of cholesterol in the body, strengthens the immune system, removes toxins from the body and prevents infectious diseases from attacking.

Normalizing essential processes: the berries contain high amounts of enzymes, fiber, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. These components regulate the blood pressure, offer an effective digestive system, normalizing blood vessels and the heart as well.

Boosting metabolism: the acai berries have low glycemic levels that affect metabolism, supplement daily diets and regulates body metabolism.

Body fitness: it regenerates the muscles after workouts. However, if it is used before any exercises, it boosts stamina among other positive tonic effects.

Healthy skin: plant pigments also known as anthocyanins reduce the destruction process that affects skin cells to counteract aging. After which fatty acids revitalize and nourish the skin.

Vision effects: Anthocyanin strengthens vision and reduces struggling with eye diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma.  In some countries like Japan Anthocyanin is a mandatory diet to everyone using computer for a long period.

Sexual health: acai berries are characterized by a rich and balanced composition of nutrients that boost the stamina and energy as well a boost sexual functioning.

Healthy relaxation and sleep: consuming acai before retiring to bed offers a peaceful, healthy and deep sleep due to its dopamine and serotonin high contents.

It has a positive effect on stamina and muscle regeneration that build the muscle mass, restore and strengthen the bodies immune system.


– This berry diet plan assists in weight loss, blood circulation, body cleansing and digestion.

– Its free radicals assortment prevents the occurrence of wrinkles early.

– They have no proven side effects.


– The plan can be quite expensive but they are worth the price since you can enjoy their benefits.

– There are many possible fakes that contain small amounts of berries.

This plan, is nutritious and healthy plan that is designed to assist everyone in one way or the other.